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Master Vendor

The simplest solution to moving ahead with a contingent workforce program is to partner with Cavalier Workforce.  We take care of everything; from designing your built-to-fit program, to supplying the technology, know-how and resources needed day-to-day.

Think of a Master Vendor as a ‘super-sized’ Employer-of-Record with lots of extra added tech and services to help support your flexible workforce sourcing and management. Cavalier is a technology-centric business and we supply the leading-edge digital technology needed to maximize your sourcing opportunity, and fill vacancies faster.

Additionally, we coordinate relations with other staffing agencies to deliver your contingent workforce outcomes.

Employer of Record

An Employer of Record brings a single point of contact to manage and payroll your contingent workforce. This brings with it an additional layer of transparency and accountability that many employers want.

As your Employer-of-Record, we act on behalf of our clients, operating as an extension to your business to manage the people your organization wants to hire. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use other staffing firms to find the people you need.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

An established Recruitment Process Outsourcer (RPO), we take care of the end-to-end hiring process on your behalf, covering both Full-Time AND Contingent Workforce needs as you see fit.   A blend of onsite and offsite operations delivers a white glove support service to hiring managers while maximizing economies from our offshore administration, background checking, legal and data engineering centers.

We blend recruiting, administrative and technology services with support services – that extend to legal, workforce wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, insurance, policy governance, brand communications, workforce development, and change management; everything to ensure your program achieves measurable results.  Rely on us to supply the technology and process understanding your business needs to tune its talent strategy, optimize its effectiveness and draw down on economies.

Statement of Work

Cavalier Workforce has for a decade led the adoption of Statement of Work contracts as a vehicle to source top talent on demand.

Use of contingent workers and ‘the gig economy’ means that firms can get their work done faster, with no employment risks. A Statement of Work (SOW) turns requirements for contingent workers into ‘jobs to be done’ that can be contracted out by purchasing departments.

SOW contracts allow hirers to pay on results, rather than hours worked. Departmental managers, with work to be performed, can hire specific skills for each project or activity stream they need to complete.  Through tooling and know-how supplied by Cavalier Workforce, your organization can start issuing Statement of Work contracts in a matter of days.

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