We create a diverse flexible workforce for organizations that seek to adapt and grow faster

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Cavalier Workforce supplies diversity staffing solutions for fast-growing businesses of all sizes

With  over 12 years of experience in the industry, we understand the importance of workforce inclusion and the rewards of a well-crafted career.

We provide opportunities for candidates powered by a network of 100+ enterprise clients, supported by 25 global delivery centers across the country.

Our strong client base guarantees continuous job opportunities to candidates, in professional and diverse Engineering, Manufacturing and Healthcare organizations.

At Cavalier, we guide and enable candidates to perform to the best of their ability and to reach great heights in their career. 


of execs plan to engage more contingent workers than before COVID-19

Source: McKinsey & Co. Analysis 2021


of execs plan to permanently shift to remote working

Source: Gartner Analysis 2021


of workers want flexible remote work options to continue

Source: Microsoft Analysis 2021



Cavalier Workforce has 12+ years of experience in the pharmaceuticals industry, with clients spanning the globe.

From scientific, lab and technical roles, to manufacturing, quality assurance, administrative, documentation and logistics roles, our recruiters know the pulse of the pharmaceuticals industry.

Retail and Logistics

Operating a chain of local offices across the USA, Cavalier Workforce has developed significant experience in the retail and logistics staffing industry.

Operating a variety of flexible sourcing arrangements means that our clients enjoy a tailored approach to furnishing their contingent labor resourcing plans.


It takes a rich knowledge of local market rates and role requirements to cater for the discerning needs of manufacturing.

Our experienced team of recruiters have access to one of the most established talent pools for manufacturing competencies for on-premise or remote roles.

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Your flexible workforce partner, we offer diversity-oriented staffing solutions for fast-growing businesses of all sizes

Find top talent easily and at affordable rates

Our knowledge of local market rates means you don't overpay for talent

As a diversity supplier, we help build a diverse, inclusive workforce

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Get rich data insights on program performance, industry pay rates, and operational statistics that drive smarter decision making.

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Bring instant value with the latest AI-based software tools for sourcing, matching, background checking, onboarding and skills checks.

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Our business is oriented around a mobile, always-on world.  Our mobile-first technologies enable us to process recruitments faster, speed up admin tasks, and remain always accessible to our candidates and clients.

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Not every partner offers the customer service experience or closely coupled integration tools. Our performance standards are high, with hard work and success celebrated. Contact us to arrange a small scale pilot or limited scope trial.

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