Locum Tenens

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Here at Cavalier Workforce Inc., we connect healthcare professionals with top hospitals and medical facilities. There are more patients seeking healthcare and more facilities looking to hire than ever before, which means the job market for skilled medical providers is growing.

Take advantage of this upswing by getting in touch with the locum tenens experts at Cavalier Workforce Inc.

A locum tenens staffing agency such as Cavalier Workforce, assigns physicians, physician assistants (PAs), nurse practitioners (NPs), CRNAs and dentists for shortand long-term positions at hospitals, medical practices and organizations across the United States.

  • • Cavalier Workforce 's part-time locum tenens physicians can fill your facility's needs for any position, and can be available on short notice for periods ranging from a few days to six months or longer
  • • Provide qualified physicians to fill-in during challenging times, including vacations and staff training
  • • Help test the viability of hiring for a new staff position or specialist
  • • Fill gaps your facility has while searching for permanent physicians